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WTF Now? I set out to see if Playing Dress Up would Prevent Creative Block?

Sometimes when I start a new project I experience a design stage fright. For instance, I’m starting a business card design for a Coffee Shop and Cafe today. Simple enough,right?

Naah uhh. As I sit in front of my 24″, glowing, blank, screen, it painfully sucks away whatever glimmer of inspiration I once had with hoover like speed and efficiency.

What I need is for Belinda the Good Witch to come along and sprinkle wind chime-infused fairy dust over my head while unicorns sing melodies of sweet inspiration onto my mind. But that rarely happens…

So, I’m going to try out this game called “Day in the Life” from

For this, I’ll need to do some roleplaying. My client has two major customer groups:

1. The Local: Because I’m in San Diego I’ll be heading for the Golden Hill/ South Park area coffee shops.  I’m wearing a scarf, t-shirt and tennis shoes. Not too unusual, just trying to blend in and feel “local”.

2. The Tourist: For this I’m wearing a ridiculously giant sun hat and  flip flops. I’ll fit right in on the streets of Old Town.


My impressions as a “Local”:

  • The cashier looked at me funny (suspiciously) when I took a card.
  • One place didn’t even have cards – menus only
  • Two places had “frequent customer” cards that were held not by the customer but on the counter in a card catalog. Not really functioning as a business card, just shaped like one.
  • I wondered “WHY” would a local spot need a card? Why would I call/need the address?

My Impressions as a “Tourist”:

  • Cards were available. To go menus too.
  • I was really in the mood to buy something… a souvenir perhaps?
  • I brought cards home, I’ll probably throw them away. If they had been souvenier-like (postcard/cool art) I might keep them.
  • A Menu might be nice to have while I’m in town?

Did it work? Sure, it got me thinking about what I’d like/need/want as a customer. Not exactly an exercise for design dilemmas though. I’d say it’s a great way to START or re-inspire a project…


Side note: My tourist disguise worked! A family in photo-taking, vacation-mode offered to exchanged this photo opportunity. It’s a good souvenir I might add!  I thought it was cool that the two girls wanted to pose with me on the covered wagon…

Creative Tools Source:

“How to Invent (Almost) Anything” by David Straker and Graham Rawlinson.  “”