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Time stood still no longer… (Creation Myth Part 1)

And in that moment, time stood still no longer, the soul of the world conspired. The sky, conjoined at the horizon of the sea, together they knew no other, and they were one in the same body, two heads and one heart. Their bond, a love that is forged in the creation of everything, has been there before time began and will be here after time ceases to exist. The language they speak has no words, it is the language of the cosmos, the language that knows no beginning and no end, it is the language of love.

Sea mother and sky father

…to be continued.


“Conjoined Lovers”

True love at last!


Conjoined Lovers by Jeanette Vieira

Conjoined Lovers by Jeanette Vieira




In love, did they have a choice? Were they born like that or attached surgically? Find out, step right up and see for yourself, right here in the sideshow arena.