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Current Series: Mundiville


I’ve been working…  on a new picture series called (for now) “Mundiville“… not sure yet? The series is a compilation of Etchings and Paintings, but of course they all start as sketches. So, because this is an art blog I’ll show the ideas from the beginning and you can watch them grow!

As of today, each idea is at a different point in it’s development. From here on out the progress posts will trickle in one by one – I assure you!

If you’re interested in the actual process let me know – I can post more technical stuff. Or rather if you’re interested in the story (what the heck I’m thinking…) I can add that as well.

You know this but… Click on a thumbnail and you’ll see it larger, read my process comments, be able to leave your own comments and advance to the next image. Super duper my friends.




Daily Drawing…? Sorry, this one is off track

As will all my stuff, I wander. I’m currently in a portrait drawing class and am very proud of how this turned out. Enjoy.   Portrait of Tori. Jeanette Vieira 2008

Daily Painting: Glass House

Day two… Today I remembered the ups and downs I experienced from my last daily painting series. Today was down.

Here it is, “Glass House”

  Glass House. Copyright Jeanette Vieira 2008

Daily Painting: Convenient Rain

Starting here. My first daily painting in 2008.  

Convenient Rain. Copyright Jeanette Vieira 2008

Threadless Tee – ” Circus Freak” in the VOTE!

My Submission

It’s here… my first Wacom tablet drawing (mostly)… it started out on paper a few years ago in 2006 then I picked it up again and redrew it for a Tee Shirt on Threadless.

The circus freak is the result of a mismatched love between a grizzly bear and a crocodile. The result is one only the circus could love… here he is in all his glory… “CIRCUS FREAK”

Safe City… Tee Shirt Design on Threadless

A new submission for Threadless. My illustration called “Safe City” is a hybrid version of a city built with guns. Is it safer now? You be the judge.

Thanks for looking and voting!

Circus Freak Drawing… My alterfauna collection is developing! ahhh

So I’ve taken some drawings from my Alter Fauna Collection (2006) and began adding, improving etc.

I’ve put this new version on Threadless for a possible Tee Shirt design. It should be up and ready for voting in about a week. I wanted to give all of you a preview first. Preview of Circus Freak.

Here it is now…
Circus Freak. copyright 2006-2008 Jeanette Vieira

Here is where it started in 2006…

OG Circus Freak. copyright 2006-2008 Jeanette Vieira

Guns… where do you stand?

Safe City

The Gun control debate will continue I’m sure. Personally I would never promote a ban on guns – as it seems the bad guys will always get their hands on them anyway. Plus, when the good and bad folks have them, it’s works like countries with weapons of mass destruction, it becomes a virtual stalemate.

Either way, I felt it was a good topic to try and illustrate. Please send feedback via my Threadless critique on this illustration – or here on my blog, of course!

What do Dinosaurs and Smoking have in Common?

Oh damn, I’m not a comedian… but, uhm… they are both in the running for Tees on Threadless.  Check them out… Let me know what you think.My Submission My Submission

Octorilla and Frog Hare Tee’s – Check them out and Vote!

Hey Everyone!I’ve been working on submissions using some of my drawings to create Tee’s. I have more in the works… Titles like:”Smoking is Cool””Fly Spy””Clowns are my Friends””Circus Freak” “Hi-Fiveosaurs” Keep posted – Shirts for sale (hopefully) coming soon!Check them out and VOTE NOW!    My Submission My Submission