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A bit of the Sideshow at the Fair!

I’m pleased and excited to say that I will have two paintings on exhibit at the San Diego County Fair (Del Mar, CA)!

Pleased because I’m glad they found “Oh My, It’s Fat Cleo!” Sideshow Banner to be a fun addition to “One of the oldest exhibits at the Fair; the Exhibition of Art.” Excited because the original Sideshows met some of their final days on exhibit in California County fairs in the late 1960’s, not much remains of the glorious freak shows that once  graced the county fair since.

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Step Right Up…
Come on Out to the FAIR!

Of course you’re invited to see the Exhibition of Art which includes:

“Oh My, It’s Fat Cleo” &  “Time Stood Still No Longer”



Time Stood Still No Longer

Time Stood Still No Longer

AND of course, go support my family and BUY Char-broiled CORN-ON-THE-COB & Funnel Cakes! The family starts the Fair Season traveling along the West Coast County Fair circuit selling Yummy Fair Foods, sure to delight your senses!

San Diego Fair, Orange County Fair, LA County Fair, Sac State Fair, Fresno Fair, Oregon State Fair…



“Conjoined Lovers”

True love at last!


Conjoined Lovers by Jeanette Vieira

Conjoined Lovers by Jeanette Vieira




In love, did they have a choice? Were they born like that or attached surgically? Find out, step right up and see for yourself, right here in the sideshow arena.

Threadless Tee – ” Circus Freak” in the VOTE!

My Submission

It’s here… my first Wacom tablet drawing (mostly)… it started out on paper a few years ago in 2006 then I picked it up again and redrew it for a Tee Shirt on Threadless.

The circus freak is the result of a mismatched love between a grizzly bear and a crocodile. The result is one only the circus could love… here he is in all his glory… “CIRCUS FREAK”

Circus Freak Drawing… My alterfauna collection is developing! ahhh

So I’ve taken some drawings from my Alter Fauna Collection (2006) and began adding, improving etc.

I’ve put this new version on Threadless for a possible Tee Shirt design. It should be up and ready for voting in about a week. I wanted to give all of you a preview first. Preview of Circus Freak.

Here it is now…
Circus Freak. copyright 2006-2008 Jeanette Vieira

Here is where it started in 2006…

OG Circus Freak. copyright 2006-2008 Jeanette Vieira