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Mesa College Art Show- Free Cookies & Punch Galore + Pretty Rad Art.

Mesa Fall/Winter Art Show

A pretty rad group of local artists will be showing some very fine work at the Mesa College Art Gallery tonight. That image on the flyer, it’s a painting by Kevin Winger. You can see it live!

The last Mesa Art Show had awesome pieces in it, I especially enjoyed the sculpture. I’m very excited to have one of my recent etchings in the show as well.

Meet me at the reception tonight,  we’ll eat some free cookies together and drink all the fruit punch.


Reception and Art Sale:
Wednesday, December 2
4-7 pm
Art Gallery D101

December 2 – 16, 2009

PARKING IS FREE ON RECEPTION NIGHT, in the faculty lot on the upper level, adjacent and across from the flagpole. During regular gallery hours, use the visitors metered spaces located on the upper level on the south side of the street across from the flagpole.


Time Machine: Etching & Aquatint Process

Printmaking is rad.

If I had a time machine, I still wouldn’t skip Etching’s labor intensive demands.The process can be Zen-like… this is where the radness comes in!

This particular image has taken quite a bit of elbow grease and time, probably over 36 hrs I would guess. The good news is that I’m really learning to manipulate the Intaglio on the zinc plate.

So, I thought it would be fun to see the progress steps together in a video. It shows the begining sketch, the Soft Ground LINE print, the AQUATINT and the BURNISHING steps. The final frame is a TWO COLOR PRINT done with a dark oil based ink and a glowy green transparent ink roll.

“Change Machine” |  9″x12″

MORE about the Printmaking Process.

Current Series: Mundiville


I’ve been working…  on a new picture series called (for now) “Mundiville“… not sure yet? The series is a compilation of Etchings and Paintings, but of course they all start as sketches. So, because this is an art blog I’ll show the ideas from the beginning and you can watch them grow!

As of today, each idea is at a different point in it’s development. From here on out the progress posts will trickle in one by one – I assure you!

If you’re interested in the actual process let me know – I can post more technical stuff. Or rather if you’re interested in the story (what the heck I’m thinking…) I can add that as well.

You know this but… Click on a thumbnail and you’ll see it larger, read my process comments, be able to leave your own comments and advance to the next image. Super duper my friends.



Neve Disguised as a Sea Monster. Etching

Sachami must battle the Sea Monster sent by  the evil Karawan.

Neve Frightens Sachami

Neve Frightens Sachami

*My second attempt at Etching, this time with soft ground and two colors.