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“Pink City” Monoprint on Exhibit

I have a Monoprint titled “Pink City” in the upcoming Mesa College Spring Art Show.

Join me at the reception…¬†Reception¬†& Art Sale 4-7 PM


April 30th Art Show at Mesa College Gallery

7250 Mesa College Drive -D104 San Diego, CA 92111-4998


Mt. Shasta to Shasta Lake and back again…

Beautiful Mt. Shasta awaits the snowfall each year in hopes to gather enough frozen rain to generously quench the thrust of Lake Shasta come summer time.

This year with the fire season getting an early start, that very water is making its way back to the land from which it came. Using the The Martin Mars, a giant plane that is capable of scooping up about 7,000 gallons of water in 30 seconds, the fire fight was greatly accelerated! It made trips every 15 minutes, as we sat in our boat, only a few hundred feet away, anxiously watching each graceful, slow-motion dip.

We spent the 4th of July weekend with my mom, grandma, Charlie and Eileen up in Shasta. I brought my Diana + camera and out of two rolls of film I only managed to get two good photos. Darn it.

This one is of the Martin Mars going in for a dip, the plane is much larger than it appears here, however I’m very satisfied with the colors!

We also visited the beautiful town of Mt. Shasta where I snapped this gem.

Here is the info on the processing:

Kodak Film Slide E100 / Cross processed

Additionally in my flickr account there will be more photos from the trip and the Martin mars from our digital camera.