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A bit of the Sideshow at the Fair!

I’m pleased and excited to say that I will have two paintings on exhibit at the San Diego County Fair (Del Mar, CA)!

Pleased because I’m glad they found “Oh My, It’s Fat Cleo!” Sideshow Banner to be a fun addition to “One of the oldest exhibits at the Fair; the Exhibition of Art.” Excited because the original Sideshows met some of their final days on exhibit in California County fairs in the late 1960’s, not much remains of the glorious freak shows that once  graced the county fair since.

find more great sideshow fun at

Step Right Up…
Come on Out to the FAIR!

Of course you’re invited to see the Exhibition of Art which includes:

“Oh My, It’s Fat Cleo” &  “Time Stood Still No Longer”



Time Stood Still No Longer

Time Stood Still No Longer

AND of course, go support my family and BUY Char-broiled CORN-ON-THE-COB & Funnel Cakes! The family starts the Fair Season traveling along the West Coast County Fair circuit selling Yummy Fair Foods, sure to delight your senses!

San Diego Fair, Orange County Fair, LA County Fair, Sac State Fair, Fresno Fair, Oregon State Fair…



“Images of the Secret Self”. ART MUSIC & Comics May 30th

Great show, new work, awesome music and more!

YES, this event is FREE!

Sky High Comics 172 S. Rancho Santa Fe Rd. San Marcos, Ca. 92078

MAY 30th, 7-10pm

Music by Bushwalla

Images of the Secret Self. Art Music Comic  Show.
Images of the Secret Self. Art Music Comic Show.


Goodies by Elizabethan Desserts


The Child.

The Child lives in the moment and poses questions or statements that are clear of  the usual debris. Neve is his name.

Why he’s riding a cake? I wanted to add something that was good… and to me chocolate cake is always good. It may be removed later… but for now, it’s Cake time!


Overflowing with Warmth & Happiness… Did I just Pee My Pants?

Last night we went to see Cirque du Soleil’s Cortero and honestly I think it’s changed something inside of me right then and forever, it was honestly the most inspiring feeling that I’ve had in a while.


These people have really gone to great lengths, risking injury as well as contributing endless time and effort in the creating of costumes, music, props… They travel away from their families, spend tireless hours practicing and crafting. I know these people are paid without a doubt but there is no monetary amount that would bring that type of dedication out night after night… there was something more. I believe that their hard work and risk is just for a simple smile. It didn’t have to be a full belly laugh or weeping tears… they didn’t need to go that far to get the gratification necessary to be there. That to me is amazing.

I’m not saying the show wasn’t full of emotion, it was a funeral after all and the daring acrobatics kept my palms sweaty and all of us on the edge of our seats. We laughed out load at the funny antics and skits too. These things make the show spectacular of course. What I’m trying to say is that I noticed something different, something I hadn’t really been fortunate to see before, something very simple.

It hit me when the little Clowness was suspended by balloons and allowed to float around the crowd, while the audience pushed her up as she giggled and spun around. It was beautiful and there wasn’t much to it. It made people smile, I felt myself expanding with this joyfulness warmth, like I wet my pants or something, only I didn’t?

So, somehow it is changing the way I think about my own art. That’s how I want to make someone feel… if I can bring a simple smile, a laugh, or that warm “just peed” feeling to another person, it would make it all worth it.

I hadn’t set any sort of year goals as of yet but this will be my guiding light when I do.

Get off your lazy ass and go experience something. For christ sake, it’s the holidays!

Oh my – the holidays can be overwhelming but don’t let that stop you from getting out and seeing some local art. Hey, it’s great for gifts too for all you last minute procrastinators.

Here is my list of things to go see:

1. Art Produce Gallery in North Park. I missed the Christina Lee Exibit, would have been nice but oh well. The current show might be swell to see? Parents might like it, uhm?

2. Seminal Projects in Little Italy. I get to peek in the window of this place all the time, it’s just below my house. Great stuff here, different. Make sure to preview before taking Aunt Lilly. The current show is a Video Exhibit from “Joe Dark Shadow Theater”SeminalJoeDarkShadow

3. Quint Contemporary in La Jolla. For all you N Co. folks, this isn’t far to drive and it will be worth it. I like this Jay Johnson guy, the show is like being in a box of mismatched chess pieces. Ends on Dec 31st.


4. And here, you don’t even have to get off your lump to check this out. Good look at some SD artist. I quite like them myself! Sofa Art Surfers click here. 🙂 This is a select few from a past show at Zedism Gallery.


Now there, you have some holiday activities that don’t consist of the Nutcracker and fruitcake.

Have a wonderful week.

Absence makes the bolgger wander…

Yeah, I’ve been gone. Let’s just say a temporary distraction from my blogging and art and… well actually life itself.

As I sit here thinking, my brain is overactive, racing over the “what next.” Almost to the point of paralysis, my thoughts are full speed and my body, my hands remain motionless, unable to act, paralyzed to the point of confusion. I said it before, this is usually how good things start. It’s both exciting and frustrating to have possibilities.

So, I’m writing… it’s forcing warm blood into the very tips of my fingers. I’m going to spit some thoughts, random words, making connections. here goes…
digits, fingers, blood, cuts, bones, chicken, dog food, cows, grass, hair, make-up, genetics, mom , dad, sideburns, orange flowers, avocado green, cameras, cake, trophys, bowling, yuppies, vanity, starbucks, traffic lights, cigirettes, dancing, blank… malt-o-meal, cereal, spoons, gravity, gravy, nicotine, beck, glass, lipstick, cheese, apples, candy, red, stripes, satan, laugh, cry, wet, sex, knees, toes, guns, rocks, medicine, rope, topiary, earth, water, dirt, kids, yellow, wings, bats, angels, rummy, cards, carpet, gunny sack, toothbrush, floss, woppie, race car, telephone, movies, offices, cubical, glasses, windows, souls, prison, murders, lives, trees, leaves, winter, fall, weather, cold, cough, pills.

Aha, that felt better. create/thoughts/scribble.

Thanks for listening/reading.