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Current Series: Mundiville


I’ve been working…  on a new picture series called (for now) “Mundiville“… not sure yet? The series is a compilation of Etchings and Paintings, but of course they all start as sketches. So, because this is an art blog I’ll show the ideas from the beginning and you can watch them grow!

As of today, each idea is at a different point in it’s development. From here on out the progress posts will trickle in one by one – I assure you!

If you’re interested in the actual process let me know – I can post more technical stuff. Or rather if you’re interested in the story (what the heck I’m thinking…) I can add that as well.

You know this but… Click on a thumbnail and you’ll see it larger, read my process comments, be able to leave your own comments and advance to the next image. Super duper my friends.




Chewing with food in my Mouth… Illustrating Conversations

If smiling can open ones mouth and opening ones mouth, even while chewing, causes one to smile, then somehow I think I’m getting somewhere?

Mindless conversation… is there really such thing? If there is, I want to make it and then make something of it (defeating the purpose of mindlessness?). It would be interesting if pure whim ultimately became productive, forward thinking conversation full of possibility, opportunity and wanderlust!

Oooh, ooh, one more… So, if visual communication was a one way street then there would never been any head-on collisions! and…. insurance adjusters would be unemployed and traffic lights rendered useless… and… you would never get home?

Tell me what topics MAKE YOU LAUGH or what topics you need to laugh about. Or just some mindless conversation starters… even if you have food in your mouth. Go ahead… type!


oh yeah, I’ll be sure to give yo credit too.

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