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Meth & Hot Dogs. Art Show in St. Louis

Hooray for St. Louis!

For most of my California friends St. Louis might be far… but you can always check out what the people at  Cranky Yellow are doing via facebook, flickr and their

I’ll be apart of the August show titled “Meth & Hot Dogs”  running 8/7/09 – 08/28/09

If you’re in, near, or wanna head over to St. Louis… go support these “Unscrupulous Characters”


Ahhh, What have they created? It’s a Biobeast!

This is Biobeast, a creation from my “Circus Freak” drawing, only now, I’ve painted it in the style of the great Sideshow banners. My inspiration is gathered from some of the masters of Sideshow banner painting; Snap Wyatt and Fred Johnson.

Next up, the Fat Show, staring Cleo. Oh my, she is fat!

Now, Feast your eyes on… The BIOBEAST!

It's Alive! Half Bear, Half Croc.

It's Alive! Half Bear, Half Croc.

Vacancy. I saw the Sign.

Sorry about the delay in Blog efforts… it happens to the best of us. The reason I’ve been absent is because we went on a ROAD TRIP (Grits, Gravy & Graceland Road Trip Blog)

In other news I just got a plastic 1960’s Diana Camera!! I’m very excited to go out this weekend and play with it. I’ll be posting the photos on my Flickr account, with the extra special ones being posted here. I’ll be focusing on old signs to start… El Cajon is a perfect specimen, I know what you’re thinking, but you’ll have to wait and see!

On the painting tip, I’ve been involved in some retro, hand painted sign projects that have been the highlight of my recent, creative, adventures. I’ll be posting them on my at a later date.

However, after our road trip, I became inspired to create my own Americana, neon-clad signs.

My first Neon Design:


Next up… “Elvis’ Pharmacy and Soda Fountain” Neon Sign. Maybe even an “Krishna’s Karma Cafe” or Budda’s All you can Eat Diner?

One day, they’ll be in lights!

Sonsa. Flora and Mother Earth


She represents the cycle of life and mother earth. Sonsa may need help along the way.

Pie. Archetype: Eternal Boy (half man, half animal)

Pie is the instigator and may appear to be the villain at times. He acts immature and cynical as well. Pie will push the main character (the hero) into the journey ahead.  Pie

Harvey. Two faced temptress and trixter.

Temptation, vanity and deceit all rolled into one.

Harvey. Two faced temptress and trixter. The villain.

Meet Harvey.


Transforming Hero.

Transformational Hero. Sacha Cepi

Sacha is a lion-like creature that makes a transformation via his own self made cocoon. He is the center of the story and will endure struggle on his way to enlightenment. This image is him beginning the transformation stage. He will in time have a before image state, another during state and possibly an after state.

Sacha Cepi

The Sage. Mystic… Spiritual Guide

Hey, nice hat!  Also,  look for a beard to appear in the future.

Here’s Zolo.


The Child.

The Child lives in the moment and poses questions or statements that are clear of  the usual debris. Neve is his name.

Why he’s riding a cake? I wanted to add something that was good… and to me chocolate cake is always good. It may be removed later… but for now, it’s Cake time!


Ahmi, the Guide.

Ahmi is my Female Archetype and she represents exploration and unconventional thinking. She serves as guide for the journey.  Illustration 1 of 7 Archetypes: Ahmi