Bearded Venus “She Shines Strongly”


bearded venus by Jeanette Vieira

bearded venus by Jeanette Vieira




Could Venus really have been bald and bearded?

We may never know.

However ‘living’ bearded woman such as Zenobia whom have had strong, independent character combined with exotic sexual appeal makes this Venus all the more Mytho-rific.  I choose to believe the lore! 


Excerpt from “Folk Lore. Transactions of the Folk-Lore Society” 1945.

The Bearded Venus (text) by Alexander H Krappe.

In an interesting study published in France a few years before the First World War, the late Morris Jastrow commented on a curious passage occurring in a hymn to the goddess Istar and reading: “She has a beard like the god Asur.” This text has long been used to

show the existence of a bearded goddess in several countries of the Near East. Morris Jastrow tried to prove that there never was such a divinity; for the statement that Istar-Venus has a beard is an astronomical metaphor, transferred from the Planet Venus to the goddess in order to emphaasize either her strength or brilliance or the blurred appearance of the star; (2) the assumption that there existed a cult of bearded Aphrodite in Cyprus is based on unsatisfactory evidence and if true is susceptible of a different explanation. 
Let us say that once that Jastrow was quite right in concluding that in the phrase ziqna zaqanu th eterm ziqnu (“beard”) means ‘to shine’, so that the two words would mean “she shines strongly.” Jastrow might have strengthened his argument by pointing out that the greeks, too, called a tongue of flame a ‘beard;. It is also worth noting that aram “ray” is related to Hebr. sis and sisth “lock of hair”. It is also known that what for us is the tail” of a comet was for the ancients its “beard”. Jastrow might also have adduced the absence of a bearded goddess from Mesopotamian and Syrian glyptics.


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  1. Deena on

    Thats so cool I talked to Greg & Lynette at convention & you know allot of her family is circus folk she has allot of real photos if you would like to see or use them she said she would share them with you she really likes the Idea of your work (the side show) anyway, I love you!!! talk to you soon!! Keep up the good work ” O’ ya by the way” I got two new books on fairs & circus folk I’ll show you when you come over.
    Love Deena oxoxoxox

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