223 Light bulbs later… Tribute to Historic Neon

JUST IN: Special thanks to “WALKING AROUND IN SAN DIEGO” blogger, Jorge for  the box props.

After about 24 (wo)man hours and 223 light bulbs… I’ve finished my second Utility Box Project. Special thanks to my supporters, especially Dad and Dennis who came out and hung out while I worked.




Now, something silly… a poem about neon (Am I a dork?).

Last year I wrote this  for a little book I put together called “Neon Nostalgia and other Roadside Oddities”, I think it’s appropriate for this post.

The unassuming beauty of its half-lit, faded facade,

beats a nostalgic rhythm into your mind,

one lonely blink at a time.

Blink, blink…

Blink, blink…

the rhythem beats peacefully into the dawn

beckoning the next decade,

the next eon.

The location of the “Historic Neon” box is 68th and Imperial Ave.


3 comments so far

  1. Jorge on

    I live right by this box. It’s really cool artwork. It reminds me of old times. (very nostalgic) I was about to write a blog entry about these cool boxes around my neighborhood and wanted to start with this one but then I stumbled upon this blog! I guess you already wrote one. oh well!

    Good work and hope to see more of your artwork around town.

  2. JJ on

    Oh awesome! I’m really glad you like it and it’s nostalgic to you, I feel the same. You SHOULD still write a blog about these boxes. There are so many artists and there is a lot of interest in the project. Keep the excitement going!!

    I’ll be working on more for sure!! Stay in touch!

  3. Jorge on

    Hey Jeanette! I finally started writing my blog and included your neon box in one of my entries. here’s the link: http://walkupandsmelltheroses.blogspot.com/2009/05/utility-neon-box.html

    I hope you don’t mind but I left your link on my blog post.

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