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Relative & Absolute Truths

Relative & Absolute Truths

A note on Time:

 Think for a moment. Have you ever had the feeling that time flew? How about that feeling of time standing still? If you said yes to either one of these then you’ve experienced relative time. Relative time is time that you feel.On the other hand, you may be more aquatinted with  absolute time. This is the time you see on your watch, it is the time you wake up for work or set TIVO to record your favorite show. 

Recently I experienced relative time but I had no idea until AFTER I experienced it. The weekend went by and it felt like a whole week long of experiences, I got more out of my weekend!  Saturday and Sunday was the same forty-eight hours that it always is, but it felt so satisfyingly more. 

The Cyclops baby challenges our perception of time. 


Meanings/Inspiration of Neve:

  • Relative & Absolute Truths/ Time
  • Surya -opposition between relative and absolute truth
  • Cyclops himself! – Greek Mythology
  • The moon dial on my mother’s grandfather clock – I like to see both sun and moon at the same time!
  • Author James Baldwin’s “The Price of the Ticket” /Shipped Wrecked in the New World.
  • The Lovely Dani who inspired the drool and the wreckage

3 comments so far

  1. mom on

    jj you just keep outdoing yourself!!
    i just love her. she is so cute. i’ll name her jeannie after you. ha xoxoxo mom

  2. JJ on

    Are you calling me a drooling baby? 😉 Actually, the little fella has a proper name, its Neve. You’re welcome to call her/him anything you want though!

  3. dion hitchings on

    if i were to have a baby yours would be ideal

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