“Conjoined Lovers”

True love at last!


Conjoined Lovers by Jeanette Vieira

Conjoined Lovers by Jeanette Vieira




In love, did they have a choice? Were they born like that or attached surgically? Find out, step right up and see for yourself, right here in the sideshow arena.


9 comments so far

  1. Dad & Deena on

    We’ll we know you take after your Dad And really are an Arky!!
    Love it!!!

  2. dion on

    cute couple

  3. Edrian Thomidis on

    I love the style and colors of this piece!

  4. Kassi Isaac on

    soul mates! nice work x kas

  5. Indigene on

    There is no flaw is being joined and soulmates! 🙂

  6. Amy C on

    so cool, I really like this piece a lot.

  7. JJ on

    Thanks everyone – I felt really close to this piece when I was working on it too. Dennis and I are very close. It’s a happy closeness for sure! Yes Indigene, it’s no flaw being soulmates!

  8. Rekoj on

    This is so wonderfully different from the other entries this week that I vote it as my favorite!

  9. JJ on

    Thank you Rekoj! 😉

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