Collective Consciousness; Me, You, Time, Energy.

It is a fairly common place to have feelings about where one fits into this puzzle and the whole ‘meaning of life’ wonderment. I’ve heard it many times from my own internal voice to other bloggers, in books, movies and among friends, colleagues and family members.

So why do we all search for a meaning? What have those before us found?

I wonder? So, I’m looking, not as much (any more) for my own meaning but for the meaning of others. Maybe this will tell a greater story, one that we can each relate to, one that will help us see the reason and that the quest may lie deeper than one’s own self. The idea of the journey being the most satisfying aspect is an exciting and even simpler answer.

To help me along in these studies… I turn to Books and Movies and of course the internet. Here are some of the things that I’ve been watching and reading.

Most of these I’ve read/researched before… however, it’s now that I’m finding a deeper meaning in them. Most recently a professor of mine, Charles Glaubitz introduced me to Archetypes. This opened a whole new train of thought. The linking factors, the ideas that are one in the same, used repeatedly to create stories that we as people find inspirational and feel connected to.

Not just a story with a moral connection, but collective consciousness that ties us together, transcends time and links us to a formable energy. I can see how people have dedicated their lives to these very ideas. They consume lifetimes.


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  1. I'm not fond of my name on the internet. :-) on

    You might enjoy Joseph Campbell ( He’s best known for tracing archetypes in mythology.

    Since we’ve both done graphic design I’ll share that I have a belief that your audience can be defined as an archetype and your design can use updated visual cues from past generations of art to align with that archetype.

    I’ve never worked anywhere that would actually let me test this theory. Most places don’t even bother defining their audience with any clarity. Which is probably for the best because if it’s in any way true I would rather not use it to sell people crap.

    By the way I love your work.

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