Get off your lazy ass and go experience something. For christ sake, it’s the holidays!

Oh my – the holidays can be overwhelming but don’t let that stop you from getting out and seeing some local art. Hey, it’s great for gifts too for all you last minute procrastinators.

Here is my list of things to go see:

1. Art Produce Gallery in North Park. I missed the Christina Lee Exibit, would have been nice but oh well. The current show might be swell to see? Parents might like it, uhm?

2. Seminal Projects in Little Italy. I get to peek in the window of this place all the time, it’s just below my house. Great stuff here, different. Make sure to preview before taking Aunt Lilly. The current show is a Video Exhibit from “Joe Dark Shadow Theater”SeminalJoeDarkShadow

3. Quint Contemporary in La Jolla. For all you N Co. folks, this isn’t far to drive and it will be worth it. I like this Jay Johnson guy, the show is like being in a box of mismatched chess pieces. Ends on Dec 31st.


4. And here, you don’t even have to get off your lump to check this out. Good look at some SD artist. I quite like them myself! Sofa Art Surfers click here. 🙂 This is a select few from a past show at Zedism Gallery.


Now there, you have some holiday activities that don’t consist of the Nutcracker and fruitcake.

Have a wonderful week.


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