Absence makes the bolgger wander…

Yeah, I’ve been gone. Let’s just say a temporary distraction from my blogging and art and… well actually life itself.

As I sit here thinking, my brain is overactive, racing over the “what next.” Almost to the point of paralysis, my thoughts are full speed and my body, my hands remain motionless, unable to act, paralyzed to the point of confusion. I said it before, this is usually how good things start. It’s both exciting and frustrating to have possibilities.

So, I’m writing… it’s forcing warm blood into the very tips of my fingers. I’m going to spit some thoughts, random words, making connections. here goes…
digits, fingers, blood, cuts, bones, chicken, dog food, cows, grass, hair, make-up, genetics, mom , dad, sideburns, orange flowers, avocado green, cameras, cake, trophys, bowling, yuppies, vanity, starbucks, traffic lights, cigirettes, dancing, blank… malt-o-meal, cereal, spoons, gravity, gravy, nicotine, beck, glass, lipstick, cheese, apples, candy, red, stripes, satan, laugh, cry, wet, sex, knees, toes, guns, rocks, medicine, rope, topiary, earth, water, dirt, kids, yellow, wings, bats, angels, rummy, cards, carpet, gunny sack, toothbrush, floss, woppie, race car, telephone, movies, offices, cubical, glasses, windows, souls, prison, murders, lives, trees, leaves, winter, fall, weather, cold, cough, pills.

Aha, that felt better. create/thoughts/scribble.

Thanks for listening/reading.


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