Final Submission. It’s done. Where to next?

Here is the final for my Paradise Lost painting.

Paradise Lost Final

Its first stop… was short lived. I submitted it to a local show at SDAI, Museum of Living Artists, San Diego and it was not chosen. Needless to say  I was disappointed.

I’m going to try and submit it into other shows, it will find a place. The response has been good, outside of the above mention.

This is the first piece that I documented from beginning to end, through the ups and downs. My quest will continue with new paintings and ideas. REMEMBER THAT YOUR FEEDBACK IS THE HEART OF MY WORK… thank you to everyone who has watched and listened this far.


2 comments so far

  1. designmoorehead on

    I still love this and think it is a great piece. Perhaps you just need to keep looking for your audience? I’m speaking from the point of view of someone who has no fine art exhibiting background, please forgive me.

    Thanks for sharing all of this online, it makes the work you’re doing more personal and I can better appreciate your process. Keep your head up!

  2. mongoose1 on

    I think this is very interesting and you should pursue submitting this elsewhere. What did the slides/digital image look like? Were they true to the image and the best that you could get?

    I’m just surprised that it wasn’t selected since it’s such a strong piece. I love your use of color and its strong composition.

    Although I don’t paint in this genre I think it’s a beautiful piece.

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