Cutting up The Tree of Life. Have I gone too far?

It feels like a constant struggle to find the right direction… I try to follow my gut but sometimes my gut only tells me to eat. So I’ve cut up this painting even more, into pieces – no fork and knife nessessary.

Initially I saw hope in the idea of a Tree of Life and Faith, the hope that a common ground would provide unity but ever since that first idea, that concept of hope has gone down hill. I’ve added elements then cut them up or out entirely.

Here it is… there’s no turning back now.

I’ve used 15 wood panels and cut up the tree (removing the former sky, arch and grass, see previous posting.)

Have I gone too far? I don’t think so, it needs something more. How about bleeding intestines or a beetle infestation? I want to push it over the edge.

What do you think?

tree of life- 15 blocks


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