The Life and Death of an Idea.



Paradise Lost Final


2007: I started this about a year ago(2006)… it started as a 8’x11′ ink drawing in my sketchbook. The initial concept was co-existence and fundamental similarity in religion.

Beginning drawing 2006.


Then this year, about April I decided to paint it on a 40×30″canvas.

Painting it gave way to all sorts of issues; background, foreground etc. Why a sunset, why grass vs rock and so on. So for this my initial vision has changed slightly, now I see the painting as a struggle, it’s spring and winter, hope and fate. Tangled knots and looming hand gestures seem to be holding on to a past that’s now dying.

The decisions I’ve made reflect the struggle I personally have with religion. I feel the bases has hope and are in their infancy – like spring and the man-made traditions are dying or already dead – like a tree in winter.

First phase of the Painting 2007.


The arch was put in because of the sky, I felt that a ray of light was too ‘hopeful’ of a gesture, but it still held onto the idea of co-existence. Did I make a good decision? I don’t know.

Here is why I did it; I don’t have true faith in co-existence so the arch blocks the upward movement of the rays and frames it in a somber, rigid slab of man-made concrete. In theory is good, however I’m not sure the design works?

Ultimately, I don’t care for the painting anymore. Maybe I’ve seen it too much?

I would love some feedback. Tell me if you see struggle or not and if the painting says everything I just said about it without reading the text… Am I communicating visually or just verbally. 🙂

Thanks for looking.

Where it’s at now 2007:

Untitled for now


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