Have you felt the burden of good looming over you?

I had a thought; it was associated to my painting titled “the Burden of Good” from the Twelve Days in June series… It seems like the most common vices like smoking, sex and drinking are so socially acceptable that it’s completely okay to openly partake and/or criticize them. We’ve been desensitized to these. But for some reason and I can’t quite put my finger on it, there’s something different about the way people are dealing with food. Obesity, anorexia, binge eating, food addictions etc. are seemingly underground. There’s a health craze so ramped that the mere thought of eating something not “healthy” is something you feel guilty about. Further pushing these food relationships out of wack.

I’m not an obsessive meat eater but when it comes to sweets I can’t get enough. I feel guilt, sometimes I feel like a closet, cookie fiend. I lie about how many I’ve eaten, to myself and if the topic comes up, to others. I can’t be the only one who deals with this. I don’t have a eating disorder, or at least a prescribed illness in regards to my relationship with sweets. I can only imagine that the sames goes for chronic fast-food eaters or red meat eaters because it’s socially taboo to over indulge in these super controversial foods. You hide, lie and cover your tracks.

So for my next series of paintings I’m thinking of doing a vice camouflaged in another vice. People smoking, drinking and in sexually compromising positions, then upon a closer look you’ll find raw meat or the likes of cupcakes, ice cream or French fries playing the part of this underground obsession. One vice will effectively and semi-transparently hide the other.

I’m looking for input if you’ve also noticed or experienced this unspoken stigma? You’re feedback/stories might ignite some ideas for my paintings. Post at will.

Working Out my New Plan… Meat, Masturbation and Smoking


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  1. JJ on

    Hey, I just found a Magazine (Meatpaper) that is all about eating and not eating Meat. See what I mean about common ideas?

    I love this quote from the site:

    “At once divisive and universal, delicious and disturbing, funny and dead-serious, meat polarizes us unlike any other food; it’s the Hillary Clinton of the freezer aisle.”

    And then… this article from a guilt-laden meat eater…

    “Meat me halfway”
    Wherein the Shameless Carnivore is beset by a shameful hypocrite
    by Chris Colin


    I LOVE IT. Check it out if you can.

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