Final Thought – Twelve Days in June

RECAP from DAY 1:

[For twelve days, instead of sketching in my sketchbook, I’m painting. One a day, whatever comes to mind, sometimes inspired by dreams or just meandering thoughts.]


Now, looking at the whole series together and noticing the grouping that begins with birth and end with death, I’m somewhat surprised to see this unconscious rhythm.

I would like to say I planned it but, not until day 10 did I realize there was a subtle conversation about different fears. The smallest thoughts that weigh on the subconscious, but too small to notice on the surface.

Twelve Days in June; and My Association of Fears

Day 1 – “Sugar & Spice” – Maternal Fear
Day 2 – “Pattern “ – Fear of Emptiness
Day 3 – “Wake up Dennis” – Being Alone
Day 4 – “Snagbird” – Fearing Honesty
Day 5 – “ This is it. “ – Anger
Day 6 – “My Saturday is Wide Open” – Venerability
Day 7 – “When I close My Eyes” – Fear of being watched
Day 8 – “I can’t remember their faces. “ – Forgetting
Day 9 – “I like Smokers” – Callousness
Day 10 – “Don’t Burst My Bubble” – Being let down
Day 11 – “The Burden of Good” – Indulgence
Day 12 – “The Pinnacle of All Fears – Fear of Death

“Twelve Days in June; Life and Fear.”

Twelve Days in June; Life and Fear

© 2007 Jeanette Vieira

Acrylic and Ink on Wood.


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