Day 12 – Twelve Days in June

So today is the first time that I started the day’s painting with a plan. I felt it was appropriate because after reflecting on the entire group the obvious and yet completely unintentional trailing theme told a story. Every good story has and ending, so here is the end. Entirely unintentional but not that unfamiliar.

The final second if you will, is the greatest fear of all, one that prefers all other fears to it self; Death.

So I imagined what one might feel that last second, if one even had a second to fear it. Flash, the last moment of consciousness, the first half on the final second. Fragments and pieces of memories, some clear, some faded, the ones you hope to experience just one more time.
Now there’s this quick blink of awareness, that’s the pinnacle of all fears. Everything is still.
Than you release; the greatest of all fears is over.

Pentacle of All Fears

“The Pinnacle of All Fears”

Twelve Days in June
© 2007 Jeanette Vieira
Acrylic on Wood.


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