Day11 – Twelve Days in June

Just like a journal, the eleven days so far have unintentionally revealed a pattern. I believe it exposes a brief conversation on fears. From maternal feelings to hate, darkness and bloated expectations, now day eleven adds gluttony to the list.

I love food, good food, sweets, especially sweets. The burden of healthy eating is constantly weighing heavy on my mind. I’ll forgo the cheeseburgers, processed food, soda and even French fries but, no matter how healthy I must eat, I’ll never forgo the sweets, especially those that are 100% of the good stuff. Sugar, butter and Chocolate. So here’s a vision of having one’s “cake” and eating it too – even if it is a mortal sin.

The Burden of Good

The Burden of Good.

Twelve Days in June.

© 2007 Jeanette Vieira


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